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    Improve your mind and body today! Eat whole foods! Get Inspired for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner! Check out these delicious whole food recipes... Or buy Afke's Recipe Book 'Raw Chef at home' with 32 recipes.

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  • Go Raw

    Go Raw

    Raw foods contain a full life force of enzymes and vitamins, that would otherwise be compromised by the cooking/heating process. Raw foods aid in healthy digestion. Raw foods are extremely satisfying, giving you more energy on smaller meals. Raw foods promote healthy weight loss that stays off!

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  • Krumbleez


    KRUMBLEEZ are a brilliant combination of sprouted nuts, fruit and seeds that are gluten and dairy free. They are technically raw, satisfying and can serve as a delicious, high protein breakfast or snack. All ingredients that are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free _ have no added sugar.

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    FOODS ALIVE is home of the KRUMBLEEZ & CARROT CRISPS. These fantastic organic, gluten and dairy free treats represent a new generation of cookies & crackers. Find us in retail stores in many locations in Britisch Columbia and Alberta.

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Afke is the enthusiastic Chef behind "Foods Alive".

She understands the value of a plant based diet that is enzymatically alive. Afke's delicious vegan and GLUTEN FREE Raw cookies and crackers prove that a Plant based "un-cooked" diet is much more than smoothies, salads and carrots.

Here is my story...

"Life is great when you are biking the Rocky Mountain trails in the summer and skiing the same snow covered trails in the winter months. Being 100% RAW has never been my goal except the occasional month or week during the warm Okanagan summers. A steaming bowl of curry or a spicy hot vegetarian chilli is a lunch or supper that feeds the senses and warms heart and hands in February! Honey is a super food and our neighbour's chickens are happily laying an egg or two for our household. Food rules are flexible when the veggies reign supreme. Juicing is fun and delicious. Green smoothies feed the imagination, are fast and easy to blend and fabulously functional. Super foods grow all around us and buying local ORGANIC FRESH is good for your tummy and good for the farmer. The bumper sticker "No Farm- No food" triggers my food buying dollar. There are a multitude of tastes to explore. Go ahead: Think RAINBOW when you assemble a snack or a meal.

Non-labeled GMO food is the scariest EVER! I believe that small changes in our food buying habits can bring the changes we so desperately need for the future health of our children and grand children. Go ahead: VOTE WITH YOUR FORK.

I am grateful that I have been given the opportunity to share the simple pleasures of eating deliciously well. I thank all the kindred spirits who buy our KRUMBLEEZ and CRISPS. Having a vegetable garden and eating a 20 meter diet 6 months a year continues to nurture the farmer and the chef in me! I wish you great health and an abundant , faith filled, compassionate life.
Go ahead: IMAGINE... and don't forget the chocolate."

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