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  • Recipes


    Improve your mind and body today! Eat whole foods! Get Inspired for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner! Check out these delicious whole food recipes... Or buy Afke's Recipe Book 'Raw Chef at home' with 32 recipes.

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  • Go Raw

    Go Raw

    Raw foods contain a full life force of enzymes and vitamins, that would otherwise be compromised by the cooking/heating process. Raw foods aid in healthy digestion. Raw foods are extremely satisfying, giving you more energy on smaller meals. Raw foods promote healthy weight loss that stays off!

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  • Krumbleez


    KRUMBLEEZ are a brilliant combination of sprouted nuts, fruit and seeds that are gluten and dairy free. They are technically raw, satisfying and can serve as a delicious, high protein breakfast or snack. All ingredients that are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free _ have no added sugar.

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  • Find Stores


    FOODS ALIVE is home of the KRUMBLEEZ & CARROT CRISPS. These fantastic organic, gluten and dairy free treats represent a new generation of cookies & crackers. Find us in retail stores in many locations in Britisch Columbia and Alberta.

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Four different workshops to choose from:

  1. Sprouting, growing micro greens year round, fresh nut mylk, dehydrated cookies;
  2. Almonaise, cashew dill sauce, appetizers, soups, dehydrated crackers and fruit leather;
  3. Raw lasagna with macadamia nut _ marinated mushrooms. Fresh apple torte or Raw Espresso Diva;
  4. Raw Decadent dessert evening.
Afke Raw Food Workshops

"We had our first Raw Food Dinner with Afke in 2009, and we were absolutely blown away!  In fact, her food was so delicious and inspiring, guests and EBC staff alike have pledged to make raw food a part of their daily lifestyle. 

Afke exchanged her creative talent as kitchen designer for a chef’s jacket two years ago. Her passion for gourmet vegetarian food and a desire for abundant health naturally led her towards eating more un-cooked food.  She continuously amazes participants in her Raw Gourmet workshops how satisfying and delicious Fresh, Living Food really is. 

Afke’s understanding of the value of eating, organically grown, minimally processed edibles forms the foundation of extraordinary beverages, meals and guilt free desserts. Her sincere enthusiasm to prepare and enjoy “the best food ever” is contagious." ~ Eric Pateman

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