WHY SPROUTED? Sprouting improves bio-availability: creates enzymes, stabilizes essential fatty acids & increases vitamins & minerals. WHY BUCKWHEAT? Buckwheat is […]


Four different workshops to choose from: Sprouting, growing micro greens year round, fresh nut mylk, dehydrated cookies; Almonaise, cashew dill […]

We are Different

  • We dehydrate our cookies and crackers because we feel that good food is fragile and needs to be treated and heated gently at low temperatures.
  • Enzymes are your body’s work force and they wither away at baking temperatures
  • We use apples and dates for sweetness, NOT sugar, or agave or maple syrup
  • We soak the buckwheat, almonds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds overnight to load you up with extra plant based protein
  • We add freshly ground flax for maximum Essential Fatty Acid absorption and a good dose of B vitamins
  • Hemp and Chia seeds give you sustained energy
  • We buy local as much as we can

Poultry Farm Insurance Ontario

Poultry farm insurance Ontario┬áis vitally important for any individual that is planning on making a living with any type of operation involving poultry. Most people don’t really think about getting this type of insurance and some don’t even realize that it is available. The problem is, anyone that is making a living with poultry and doesn’t have adequate insurance can quickly find themselves in financial stress if something happens to those birds. Therefore, the insurance is essential.

Having this type of insurance is no different than ensuring one’s home or getting business insurance in order to ensure that the family is protected, regardless of what happens. Failing to get it is a risky move, to say the least. Anyone that doesn’t have the insurance is essentially hoping that they will be able to skate by without anything bad happening for the duration of time that they choose to go without the coverage. For some, this will work out well enough because there isn’t always going to be something that will happen to cause a problem. For anyone that does experience a problem, however, it can mean the difference between living life the same way as always or being forced to make some very difficult financial decisions regarding one’s personal future and even the future of their loved ones.

Poultry farm insurance Ontario is absolutely critical for those who are depending on the money from a bird farming operation. Imagine what would happen if something were to happen to the farm, either through some type of natural disaster or because of a predator. Imagine what would happen if all of the birds contracted an illness and ended up dying. Without the proper insurance, it would be virtually impossible to recover from something like this, especially if it wiped out the entire flock.

Anyone that is counting on something for their financial survival is in a position where they need to do everything they can in order to protect it. Most of the time, this involves having some type of insurance. Without it, it can be extremely difficult to get past any type of disaster, even if it is relatively small. Unfortunately, many people allow themselves to be lulled into a false sense of security and end up thinking that they don’t need to have the insurance until it is too late. This is certainly not the case, as it can wreak havoc on any person’s financial future.

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